Photograph by Edward Sankey, reproduced in Lancashire North of the Sands, by John Garbutt

 & John Marsh, looking eastwards towards the quarry, with the shop to the right and the Lantern Shop (Green View) to the left of the entrance to Quarry Lane

Early Years

A bowling club was established in Allithwaite  as long ago as 1909A bowling  green built by Mr and Mrs Bliss of Boarbank Hall was sited adjacent  to the Village Hall and was opened in July 1909 by Lady Macgregor, the wife of Sir Evan MacGregor, permanent secretary to the Admiralty  from 1884-1907, who spent his retirement at Aynsome.  It was reported that some of the Lower Holker men were very pleased to be invited to play in some of the first games at the festive little gathering, the start of a close association between the Allithwaite and Lower Holker Bowling Clubs which continues to the present day. Allithwaite Subscription Bowling  Club was formed  in 1936 with the opening ceremony taking place on the green on the evening  of Monday  20th July. The following year matches  were played against Lower Holker and the Grange Promenade Club, and this initial Allithwaite Club continued in existence until the late 1950s.

More Recent Times

Like many good ideas, it was all discussed  over a pint in the local, The Farmers Arms, now The Pheasant, and the seeds were sown to create a bowling green behind Allithwaite Community Centre.

The Parish Council had already allotted a rectangle of ground but it had become neglected and overgrown. So in 1988 Freddie Rawlinson approached John Kendall with a view to clearing the site and making a green for Allithwaite community.

With the help of Brian Burton and the support of Paul Bebbington, and Ken and Audrey Knipe, the painstaking process of clearing the brambles, levelling the ground and putting tons and tons of soil through a hand-held riddle began; the project started to take shape. A stake 14 inches higher than the edge was placed in the centre, the draining gravel was topped with soil and a thick rope attached to the stake was dragged over the top by walking endlessly round and round.

Once the base was established it was seeded and left to mature for two years. Paths were constructed from concrete flags and a hut was donated by Ken Knipe. As the grass became established John brought his mowefrom home and started the long process of getting a smooth crown green bowling surface. In all the project had taken over four years.

There was plenty of interest in the village so in 1991 a committee  was formed. Arol Hadwin was the first chairmanRodney Coward was the first SecretaryIt was £8 to become a member  with a £2 joining fee. 

Fundraising dances were held in the community centre with the Syd Banks Band starring Jeannette  Kendall. A founder member, Don Preston, developed  the competitive side. Brian Burton and his late wife Anne held Car Boot sales and raised over £5,000 for club funds. Brian also managed  to acquire an old market stall so visiting teams could take shelter during matches.

In April 1992 the formal opening of Allithwaite  Community Bowling Green was performed  by Councillor  William Jackson.